About us

History of the company


VELUTEX FLOCK has over 70 years experience in the flock production.

We started in 1947, when we patented the flock in Spain.

Since then, we have been continuously developing our own technology.


Our philosophy is the reinvestment of profits, and as a result, we have achieved to have a state-of-the-art flock production plant, able to produce over 2000 tons of flock per year.

Our fully automatic dyeing and activation department, include high pressure dyeing machines.


VELUTEX is one of the largest independent flock producers worldwide; it’s a medium size family-owned company, managed by the 3rd generation, and all our flock is manufactured in Europe, according to ISO 9001 standards, and meeting the strictest requirements (automotive, luxury packaging, sports apparel, cosmetics, security…).


VELUTEX facilities are prepared to manufacture all kind of flocks (polyamide, polyester, rayon viscose, cotton, etc) matching any requested colour.

Our wide portfolio is suitable for all applications and markets.

VELUTEX, as a leading flock company, exports over 80% of its products to 5 continents.


Our service is focused on flexibility, short delivery time, back up stocks, technical assistance and wide product range.

Our laboratory will attend all your inquiries and within a very short time will prepare a sample of any required flock (in different textile fibres, dtex, length, colour, fastness and finish).