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[titles style=”1″ text=”Automotive”]

Flock is widely used in the car industry, its advantages as thermal and acoustic isolation, as per its soft and warm touch, allows it to be used in window channels, door sealings, glove boxes and other compartments, seats, door panels and ceiling, pillars A-B-C, and also inside different parts to reduce noise and vibrations.

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As you may already know, you have a lot of flocked textiles at home. Flock is used in a lot of fabrics and garments, with finishings like suede or velvet and in the printing or transfer designs on T-shirts and underwear.

It is also highly appreciated in home decoration, upholstery, curtains, blankets, wall papers and other home textiles.

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We can find flock practically everywhere, when we go shopping, a lot of the packaging used is flocked, it is a very appreciated coating, especially in the luxury packaging for perfumes, jewellery, gifts, glasses, and any other object to make it appealing and also protected.

We can also find it in; lips and eye sticks, make up pads and other cosmetic products.

Their advantages are also used in toys, models, electric trains, in printing 3D gift cards and books, latex gloves, Christmas decoration, wooden industry, paint rollers, pads, mousse pads, and a lot of other objects.